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Statement of the Cuban Expert Committee on the celebration of the Online Forum 

The Cuban Expert Committee that investigated the alleged acoustic attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana had the initiative to hold an Online Forum with the national and international scientific community, and any other interested person, from November 15th to 16th in the Red Cubana de la Ciencia website.

We received 903 comments and questions from several countries, mainly Cuban and U.S. specialists. More than 287 users took the poll on the alleged acoustic attacks.
We focused on answering questions and making clarifications. We also provided information regarding the research to people who did not have knowledge of the origin and evolution of this situation. We want to emphasize that all the comments received concurred that the occurrence of the alleged sonic attacks is not possible. The majority expressed that an epidemic outbreak could not have happened, nor that there is a possible single medical cause, or of another type, that could have caused the symptoms described by the U.S. authorities. Collective stress was the probable cause of the events mostly referred in the poll.

We thank the scientists and specialists of the United States who shared their comments at the Forum, answered the survey and exchanged with the Cuban Expert Committee. We are grateful to the Cuban Center for Neurosciences for lending its facilities to hold this Forum, to the Red Cubana de la Ciencia website for providing a digital space and to the press for promoting its realization.

We also want to highlight the broad participation in the Forum of Cuban doctors, specialists and technicians who are collaborating in more than 60 countries to save lives and help preventing diseases.

We would also like to thank all those people who have helped in the realization of this event, in particular the Cuban scientific societies of Otorhinolaryngology; Neurology and Neurosurgery; and Hygiene and Epidemiology and Environmental Health, for joining us with their Statements to spread the truth from the point of view of sciences, and for defending the free and transparent academic exchange between Cuban and U.S. scientists.

The Cuban Expert Committee is satisfied with the results of the Online Forum and is evaluating how not to terminate the possibility of continuing this open exchange. At the same time, we reiterate our willingness to cooperate with any interested party in order to continue contributing to the clarification of the situation that has been created.

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