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Continues Online Forum on the Alleged Acoustic Attacks

For the second consecutive day the Committee of Experts of Cuba exchanges opinions with national and international colleagues on the alleged Acoustic Attacks.

The main objective of the forum is to exchange information and opinions with the international scientific community or other interested actors. That is why the debate will focus on the following questions:

1. Can the described symptoms be a consequence of sonic agents?
2. Other diseases could have caused such symptoms?
3. Is there a probability of psycho-social origin causes?

On the first day of the debate, more than 500 comments were received. You can read a summary here.

To participate, leave your opinion in the comments section. If you wish, you can also answer our Survey.

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  1. I’ve experienced being a tortured victim of sonic attacks technology, it’s various electromagnetic frequencies which can be used to attack the human anatomy.

    I’ve interviewed a former CIA engineer named Dr. Robert Duncan who’s admitting he’s helped research and develop Voice of God Weapons. He’s also admitting the CIA is using this wireless frequencies weapon system against citizens.

    Here’s the video interview


    • Dr. Manuel Jorge Villar Kuscevic

      The Cuban Experts Committe, attending to the fact that there are no such sonic weapons in Cuba, looked for references in Internet regarding the use, for example, of LRADs to disperse a demonstration. as scientists we do not know about how the CIA may use such kind of sonic devices, but in the case of the American diplomats in Havana, it is not possible the use you are referring because that would require an action involvving a person carrying out such aggressive act. that does not match with what was described by the American diplomats themselves. Thank you for your comments.


    As a medical doctor, I don’t consider that the symptoms reported by the american diplomat can be part of the ” sonic attack”.
    A developed adult ear needs long time exposure to a noise to be damage or a very very high volumen to be damage.

    I personally think that such ” epidemic” symptoms could be part of an strategy to make all the real responses to justify the latest closure of the American Embassy in Cuba.

    In 2010 here in South Africa we were expose to very noise stadiums during the Succer World Cup and this didn’t generate any massive deftness in the country. 😅. It is a very good evidence!!!

  3. Because scarcity of sonic episodes in time, I do not believe in an epidemic disease outbreak. Important issue is selectivity of victims. Many people could remain in an exposed place, but only one is affected. Is it possible that noise behaviour proceed like an intelligent laser beam?. A question more: Why do we find no victims among Cuban people?
    Is it consequence of selectivity, too?. Sound in aural frequencies shows scattering and absortion in the air, which no matchs with extraordinary directivity of this supposed sound weapon. Sound wave also interacts with objects located in the propagation space, suffering reflection, difraction, absortion, transmission which diturb wave propagation pattern.

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