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Call to online forum on the alleged accoustic attacks

The Cuban Experts Committee that has studied the alleged acoustic attacks to American diplomats in Havana, invites you to participate on Wednesday November 15th, 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm, Cuba time, in the Cuban website Red Cubana de la Ciencia, in the online forum: Scientific exchange on the alleged acoustic attacks occurred in Havana, which will continue the following day, 16th, starting at 10 am.

Online Forum Address (URL): supuestosataques.redciencia.cu

The main objective is to exchange information and opinions with the international scientific community and other interested parties.

Background information; the government of the United States has assured that its diplomats in Havana have suffered symptoms caused by sonic attacks. These diplomats have reported hearing sounds within their residencies and the following “symptoms”: nausea, headaches, balance disorders, hearing loss, facial and abdominal pain, memory disorders and concussions. Thus, the debate will be focused on the following questions:

  1. Can the described symptoms be a consequence of sonic agents?
  2. Could other diseases provoke such symptoms?
  3. Are causes of psychosocial nature a possibility?

 The Cuban Experts Committee has not even been able to access the medical tests done to the “affected”. Only one medical report was received lacking basic data and the audio samples delivered by the American authorities were analyzed. Despite these limitations, a thorough investigation was carried out.

The Cuban Experts Committee comprises the following disciplines: physics, telecommunications engineering, internal medicine, neurology, neurophysiology, otorhinolaryngology, audiology, epidemiology, environmental health, entomology, psychology and sociology.

In addition to the online exchange; on the same page (supuestosataques.redciencia.cu) it will be possible to have access to videos and articles that the Cuban Experts Committee also makes available for consideration.

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  1. Jose Ignacio Perez Zaldivar

    I am an internist, not an expert in the field; I can’t say whether this noxious effect is possible with the current available technology but what I would like to say is this:
    1- I can put my head on the block that the Cuban government is not involved in the events, if they ever happened, as stated by General Raul Castro Ruz himself.
    2- If something of this nature ever occurred it was carried out by rogue elements, or following orders, within the American administration interested in spoiling the relationship between the Cuban and American governments.

  2. Sounds of moderate intensity (60 – 80 dB(AF) could produce mainly temporary reversible psychosomatic effects. Chronic levels not below 85 dB(A)
    effects are mainly related to exposure of high intensity sounds. Significant exposure dosis is connected to harmful health effects.
    Noise impairments could be produced by long exposure (years) to severe intensity sound which is concern of
    occupational hygiene . Cause of sudden deafness could be exposure to impulse noise of very high intensity, such as a blast,
    usually above 120 dB(A), consequence of an accoustical shock. Target sounds,.those related to the so called accoustic attacks,
    according recordings delivered are mainly moderate in intensity. Sometimes noise intensity is so weak that become hidden under
    background noise, which is performed by natural sources in the residential environment.

  3. Target sound structure seems to be an overlapping of a high frequency pitch centered around 7 kHz with the wide band
    structure of night time background noise in the neigborhood, which shows a flat spectrum in low and middle audio frequencies
    Target sound spectrum is similar to those observed when a cricket song appears as a local source in the background noise.
    However, it is possible to watch target sounds characterized by a flat spectrum, similar to background performed with noise
    sources far away of the inmedate surrounding.

    • To get an approach to truth it is necesary to enhance evidences. This way, it would be important to look for a meeting
      among researchers of States and Cuba. I don´t know why it is so difficult to achieve such a meeting if both sides want to
      discover what is going on. Sometimes I wonder if States governmental authorities really want to know what and why such
      events happened, beyond declarations such as ¨it is¨. Science is more than declarations without sustainability.

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